About CCA

Our Mission & Vision
Commonwealth Christian Academy – was founded in 1997 by Dr. Michael D. McClary.  Noting the secular mantra being generated by the public school system, CCA was established to provide a Biblically-based, Jesus Christ centered education as an alternative choice to all those families seeking Christian education for their children. Commonwealth Christian Academy’s mission is to point children to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, encourage spiritual growth, develop Christian character and morals, and promote sound academic achievement.
We are a private Christian school which provides a quality education in the city of Richmond.  Needless to say, Richmond needs a school such as ours to help strengthen children spiritually and academically so that they can live productive lives. We offer grades K (5) – 12th.
CCA is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, Christian organization.  CCA’s annual tuition for each child stands at approximately $7,000 yearly.  This tuition includes: education for one year, field trips, supplies and hot lunches. We know that not every family can afford the cost for Christian education, therefore we do offer parcel scholarships. The amount of the scholarships are based upon income. The scholarship is also based on behavior and grades. The rest of the funds needed are provided by donations from caring supporters. We believe that every family should be able to give their children a quality CHRISTIAN education.  We are convinced that a godly school, working with a motivated family and Biblical church, can make a difference for life.
 A word from our founder: Dr. Michael D. McClary